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  • What are the power requirements?
    VIGO and MIA both run on 110 v wall power. KIRA and COLOSSUS run on 3 phase 208/240v power with our internal step-up transformer. You can also invest in a single phase to three phase power converter for your home or studio.
  • Does the robot come with follow focus? (FIZ)
    Yes, when either renting or purchasing a robot it will come equipped with a Heden FIZ system. Which works in conjunction with MPStudio's smart focus features!
  • Can the Cinema Robots travel?
    Yes, all of our cinema robots can travel to locations in a box truck. VIGO and MIA can travel in a van. Kira and colossus require a truck with a 3,000 lbs lift gate or on site forklift.
  • What are the Cinema Robots payloads?
    MIA can hold 24 lbs, KIRA can hold 36 lbs and Colossus can hold 50 lbs Our model mover VIGO can hold up to 22 lbs. For a side by side look at which motion control robot is right for you check out our comparison page.
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