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Is Augmented Reality Shaping the Future of Production?

In Partnership with Arc Studios


Over the past few years, the world of filmmaking has grappled with an enormous amount of change. Partly due to the pandemic - but mostly because of revolutionary new technologies - the potential and fabric of filmmaking has been revolutionized. 

MP AR, a new app from the motion control software company Motorized Precision, has positioned itself at the crest of that revolutionary wave. By tapping into augmented reality, the app visualizes cinema robots, products, and robot movement on an iPhone or iPad screen. As a result, directors and filmmakers across the production pipeline will have visibility over virtual production elements, including production pre-viz and real time workflow, with an unprecedented level of convenience.

What makes the MP AR app distinctive is its ability to visualize AR objects both in front of and behind real-world objects, and place target QR keyframes at precise points to allow for greater accuracy. The result is a filmmaking process which, in the words of the app’s creators, ‘puts more power into a director’s hands, and improves communication with the rest of the crew’. 

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