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Virtual Productionwith MP Studio

Virtual Production with Precision and Real-Time Control

MP Studio is a collaborative tool for virtual productions.
With smooth integration and precise real-time camera tracking and control.

How MP Studio Integrates

MP Studio delivers real-time camera position data along with Focus, Iris, and Zoom information, eliminating the need for external tracking systems.

Advanced Data Integration

Supports the industry-standard FreeD data format and features a custom Unreal Engine plugin for automatic Live Link source creation and bi-directional communication.

Real-Time Synchronization

Ensures precise real-time camera tracking and control, with the ability to pre-send and adjust data to match synchronization needs with rendering delays.

Comprehensive Protocol Support

 Offers additional data about camera movements and robot status, enabling deeper custom integration.

Solving Industry Challenges

Simplifies the virtual production process by providing all necessary data without the need for additional tracking equipment. Everything you need is embedded within our platform.

MP Studio's journey with Virtual Production is just the beginning.

Explore more creative tools, services, and resources crafted to transform your ideas into reality.

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 Transform camera movements with exceptional precision and control. Our robotic systems offer smooth and dynamic camera motions, enhancing production quality while simplifying the capture of complex shots.  


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Extend your range and explore the possibilities with our track systems, featuring exceptional speeds and intuitive designs.


This innovative tool blends augmented reality technology with precise camera control, allowing filmmakers to visualize and experiment with camera movements in real-world settings.
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